IMG_0432 (2)Traveling to Taiwan for the first time on my own primarily to look for some waves was an awesome experience. I had only two days to surf before I headed to the¬†Philippines. Typhoon Trami was about to hit north Taiwan when I landed and after a 10 hour plane ride, I took a shuttle to the high speed rail and headed down south to the very end at Zuoying Station in Kaohsiung. It was about 9am and it was going to take about a 1 and a half hour train ride traveling at a top speed of 186 mph. After arriving in Kaohsiung I met with the taxi cab driver who was scheduled to pick me up. He was standing right outside of the station with a folded piece of paper that said “Surf Shack” hand written on it. He barely spoke English but both he and I knew that we were supposed to meet so that he could take me to the hostel. From the station it was another two hour taxi cab ride to the Surf Shack. Driving down the western coastline I already could see some breaks that no one was on. The weather was sunny and the winds were pretty light as compared to North Taiwan where it was already dark and rainy before I left.

It was about 1pm and I finally arrived at the Surf Shack. Terry and Ee were there to greet me. I checked in, dropped my stuff, put on my surf shorts and met with Terry’s friend and my tour guide, Asif. We went to a break not far away close to a river mouth. There was a small group of other surfers there, mostly local. Lefts were pretty nice and it was about head high. After spending a few hours there, the wind started to pick up and it got cloudy – possibly the tail end of the typhoon. We got back to the hotel and ate at a restaurant up the street where they were serving the best curry I ever tasted. That same night, they had they’re annual pole climbing ceremony in Hengchun.

The next morning, it was pretty windy and rainy. Terry, Asif, and I were checking out the different surf spots and all the places were blown out. The Coast Guard also closed most of the beaches because of the rough conditions. I decided to check out the National Aquarium close by hoping that the conditions would get better in the afternoon. After checking out the aquarium for a few hours, we decided to go check out the waves again. The waves were a little bigger, but still choppy and not breaking good. Since it was my last day there, I decided to go in the water anyways.

Terry and Ee were great hosts at the Surf Shack and I recommend them if anyone decides to check out the waves in South Taiwan. Terry and Asif had great knowledge of the various surf spots and were fun to hang out with. I wished I had at least a few more days there. Although a short visit to Kenting, it was a great experience. That same night, I left for the Philippines.

Contact Info:

Surf Shack Bar Grill & Hostel
No. 224 Heng Nan Rd. Heng Chun Town.
Pingtung County 946. Taiwan
Terry: 0958856645
EE: 0956001604