Archery for All organizes an exciting team sport called Dodge Bow, a combination of dodge ball and archery. DodgeBow is played with low draw-weight bows and non-lethal arrows. It’s similar to the sport of dodge ball, with the skills of archery added to increase the challenge. Two teams compete in an area the size of a volleyball court. Each team has two inflatable bunkers used to take cover from flying arrows. All players wear protective gear, including an approved face mask. The game is won either by elimination of all players of the opposing team, or by shooting out the opposing team’s targets.

Kevin, a certified licensed shiatsu therapist and owner of Mensore Therapy invited us to play a few rounds. It was an exciting fast paced game and you get to shoot your opponents with a bow and arrow! Don’t worry these arrows are equipped with soft foam tips so no one gets hurt. This game is perfect for school events, fund raisers, parties, after school classes, group outings, and Team Buildings. Thanks Nick for hosting us. Also thank you Amanda for the videos and pics! Awesome game!