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Reduce Hunger, Build Sustainability with Breadfruit

October 19, 2014 in 'Aina

Some of the older generations once said, “if you cut down the ‘ulu tree, you will starve”. Just 2 – 3 generations ago, breadfruit also known as ‘ulu, covered various parts of the Hawaiian Islands and kept the people of Hawaii from starving without depending on food imported from the mainland and other countries. Arborists and other organizations strive to bring back some of the old ways and sustainability of the islands by growing more breadfruit trees.

7 Benefits of Breadfruit:

  1. Sustainability – In older Hawaii, `ulu was once part of the people’s self sufficiency when there was very limited imported goods.
  2. Protection – Breadfruit trees protect Hawaii’s watersheds and provides canopy and soil cover.
  3. Attractiveness – They are great looking trees to grow in your garden and urban landscapes.
  4. Easy to grow – Easier than kalo/taro.  They do well with water only and can still be fruitful after 2 generations.  A single breadfruit tree can be propagated into thousands of other trees.
  5. Versatility – many dishes can be made with breadfruit.
  6. Nuitrition – Breadfruit contains many minerals and vitamins.  They are gluten free and can be made into four.
  7. Tastes good!!


YouTube Video by Breadfruitinstute1

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2014 Molokai Hoe – Photos

October 12, 2014 in Event Pictures, Paddling

The 2014 Molokai Hoe ended with a battle as EDT and Shell Va’a paddled into Waikiki. EDT took over the lead as they paddled in and won for the first time after 8 consecutive wins by Shell Va’a. Shell Va’a took second and EDT’s second team took third. Lanikai-1 was the first team from Hawaii to finish the race. Over 100 teams took part in the race. Congratulations to all! For full results Click Here!

Photos Courtesy: OC16
Click Here for more Photos

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Ka Iwi Coast Run/Walk 2014

October 5, 2014 in Running

Congratulations to all who took part in today’s Ka Iwi Coast Run/Walk.  Over 900 participants took part in the 4.0 Mile fun run from Sandy beach to Maunalua Bay in the early morning.  For full results of the race Click Here!

Instagram: #kaiwicoastrun

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2014 North Shore Swim Series #4 Highlights

July 27, 2014 in Swimming

Congratulations to everyone who took part in yesterday’s 1.9 mile race from Laniakea to Pua’ena Point on the North Shore! This is the 4th of a total of 5 events in the North Shore Swim Series. Click Here for full race results. The next event is coming up next month!

You Tube Video by: OceanHead Solar

Images of Old Hawaiʻi – Nuʻuanu

July 23, 2014 in History

Nuʻuanu – In 1872, some referred to it as “Missionary Street,” although the Missionary Period had ended about 10-years earlier (the Missionary Period was from 1820 – 1863.)

You might more accurately call it the home of the elite, and that is not limited to folks of the Caucasian persuasion – both Kauikeaouli and Emma had summer residences here and included in the list of successful business people who called it home were the Afongs and others.

But you can’t help concluding the strong demand to live there based on early descriptions – even Realtors, today, would be envious of the descriptors Ellis used in 1831: “The scenery is romantic and delightful.”

“Across this plain, immediately opposite the harbour of Honoruru, lies the valley of Anuanu (Nuʻuanu,) leading to a pass in the mountains, called by the natives Ka Pari (Pali,) the precipice, which is well worth the attention of every intelligent foreigner visiting Oahu.” (Ellis, 1831) Read more…

  • Nuuanu_Valley_(WC)_1840
  • Nuuanu_Emmert-No._6-Looking_Mauka-1854
  • Nuuanu-from_School_Street-(Brigham)-(Scott-Saga)-1888
  • Nuuanu-Kauikeaouli-'Kaniakapupu'
  • Nuuanu-Kauikeaouli-'Kaniakapupu'-layout
  • Nuuanu-Wyllie,_Robert-'Rosebank'-(Emmert)-1854
  • Nuuanu-Walker_Estate-Japanese-Garden-(historichawaiifoundation)
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